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How does a handpump work ?

The most common tool to access a life source like water — this innovation boasts of none of the accolades that modern machines enjoy. Yet the simplicity and efficiency of design drives a sea of devices that permeate our lives at home and in industries.

The unsung hero that India should be particularly proud of is called India Mark II. A human-powered pump designed to lift water from a depth of 50 m or less, it is the world’s most widely used water hand pump. It was designed in 1970 through the joint efforts of the government of India, UNICEF and WHO. Its purpose was to address the deathly problem of paucity of water and draught in rural areas of developing nations. By the mid 1990s, five million of the pumps had been manufactured and installed around the world.

Hand Pump Parts: HandlePump rodwater outletPistonPiston valveFoot valveRising mainSuction lift
What does it do?

Simply defined, hand pumps are manually operated pumps that use human power and mechanical advantage to move fluids o…