What is deep web and how to access it ?

Toady we will talk about deep web.Most of you may not aware of deep web but you will end up wondering that thing like google, gmail, play store etc are part of surface web(Internet or web is divided into 2 parts first is surface web and 2nd is deep web) surface web is accessible by normal browser like firefox, safari but deep web is not accessible by these browser. so how to access deep web don't worry we will tell you so let's begin.....

What Is the Deep Web?

The terms deep web and dark web are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Deep web simply refers to anything on the web that can’t be found using a search engine.

It is not known how large the deep web is, but estimates from researchers suggest it is likely to constitute the majority of all online contents.

What Is the Dark Web?

The dark web is part of deep web but not the same as the deep web.you cannot find it through a search engine, you cannot access it through a regular web browser either. This is the nefarious underbelly of the internet that the media refers to.

The dark web is home to anonymously hosted websites that deal largely in illegal activities(Live murder, drugs supply etc). In a study by experts shows that more than 5,000 sites are on the dark web, 

How to Access the Dark Web

You have use a special type of browser call Tor Browser. The Tor Browser is the main application for accessing the dark web. Tor stands for The Onion Router,  the onion metaphor indicates the layers of security that work to conceal a user’s location, and the browser enables you to access hidden web sites with the .onion domain suffix.

you have to download Tor Browser from this link: Click Here

Now just install tor browser and open tor and wait for some time let it connect to tor network.

now tor browser will open, now you can connect to deep web's websites.


Here are some deep web websites:

1. The Pulitzer winning ProPublica


2. Facebook’s .onion site


3. DuckDuckGo where Google doesn’t


4. Blockchain for Bitcoins on .onion


5. Sci-Hub — the world’s scientific database


6. Netpoleaks is the .onion police monitor


7. The Intercept — a .onion SecureDrop with TLS


8. Keybase is the cryptographic profile link system


9. The Hidden Wiki on .onion



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