How does gyroscope work?

Have you ever thought why spinning wheel does not fall due to gravityit is because a invisible force acts upon a spinning  wheel this force is called gyroscopic force.

What is gyroscope ?
Gyroscope is a device which consist of a wheel or disc mounted on a rod so it can spin around this rod and free to rotate in any direction. This disc don't fall due to gravity because gyroscopic force acts on it.

What is gyroscopic force ?
It is a universal force which acts upon all spinning and rotating objects. Gyroscopic force generated due to 3D rotation of an object, when an object rotates in 2nd direction then another force generated due to this 2D rotation which tends to rotate object in another direction.This force can be easily seen on aircraft because engine blades are rotating and when aircraft try to rotate in any direction then aircraft automatically starts rotating in 3rd dirction.

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Applications of gyroscope
=> It is used to make bikes which don't fall due to gravity.
=> It is used in mobile phone to detect orentation/rotation of mobile phone.
=> It is used in aircrafts. 


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