What is S Bike Mode and How to Use it

Samsung recently announced a new budget smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) and one of the new features announced with the phone is the S Bike Mode. S Bike Mode is an innovative feature for bikers. This feature basically turns off all the notifications on the device when the user is riding a bike. This is sort of do not disturb mode which can be enabled using NFC.

S Bike Mode makes sure that you are not disturbed with calls and notifications while riding the bike.

How to Activate S Bike Mode? 

Samsung Galaxy J3 comes with NFC and there is a bundled NFC tag programmed to enable S Bike Mode. So you can paste the NFC sticker on the bike dashboard and tap the phone to enable S Bike Mode when you are going to ride the bike.

You can also enable it from the quick toggles in the phone notification centre.

How to Use S Bike Mode? 

Once you have enabled this mode, you will see the display of the phone activated for this mode and you will not be able to use the phone for any other functions or even make calls. You can see notifications from S Bike Mode, Smart Reply and your rides.

You can see the three tabs at the bottom for the options available in S Bike Mode.

You can also set your work and home locations from the settings of the S bike Mode.

Once this mode is enabled and someone makes a call to your number, he or she gets a voice message saying the caller is riding the bike. You can still proceed with the call by pressing 1. This message is the Smart Reply which you can enable in the S Bike Mode. Since Motion lock is enabled by S Bike Mode, you cannot answer the call unless you stop the bike or ride it less than 10kms per hour.

This feature is currently available in Samsung Galaxy J3 and we expect Samsung to make this feature in more phones launching later this year. In case you are looking to buy Samsung Galaxy J3,


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