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Dual-microphone noise reduction technology working...........!

What is double Microphone noise reduction technology? Today we hear some mobile phone manufacturers mentioned "double Microphone noise reduction technology" at the press conference or phone functions, some people may wonder, in fact, very simple, is to use two microphones to reduce background noise when talking, here is detailed double Microphone noise reduction technology works.

Dual mic noise reduction technology works

"Anti-noise dual mic technology" means technical processing, it will eliminate outside noise, where the "technical process", that is, two built-in microphone. Main microphone pick up sound waves, a clear call to ensure the stability, the assisted microphone to eliminate noise. The phone even in noisy downtown, call quality is still clear.

How to achieve dual mic noise reduction?

The phone has the same A, B two performance condenser microphones, where A is the main microphone for picking up a voice call.B is the background sound pickup microphone, which is usually installed in the back of the phone microphone, and away from the A microphone, two microphones inside the motherboard in isolation.
Normal voice calls, mouth near the microphone A, which have a greater audio signal Va, at the same time, the microphone B will get some voice signal Vb, but it is much smaller than A.
These two signals are input microphone processor, a differential amplifier input terminal, that is, the two signals subtract and then amplified, so the signal obtained is Vm = Va-Vb.
If there is background noise in the environment of use, because the sound source is far away from the mobile phone, so the strength of the two phones arrive at the microphone acoustic waves is almost the same, i.e. Va≈Vb, then the background noise, two microphones are pickup , but Vm = Va-Vb≈0.


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