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A photographer upcycles street trash into home decor...........

Have you ever walked through any city and you're bound to stumble upon 'street trash.' Everything from boxes of discarded books, old toys,clothes to whole pieces of furniture and more things can be found curbside. It's not a green way to declutter - but many people scoop up these unwanted treasures and make good use of them. Tel Aviv-based photographer has been inspired by discarded street gems his whole life. The DIY-extraordinaire has furnished most of his apartment with upcycled items from city streets, and he shows us just how beautiful and functional 'trash' can be.

He always had an eye for upcycling, even before it was a trend. He told Inhabitat, “I travel a lot around the world, and since I was a child I was creative about making things from other things,” he said, “I would walk down the street and find things and think, ‘What can I do with this?’ It could be an abandoned tree limb, a box or even a book.”

Kaplan went to great lengths to improve his dwelling with minimal use of new objects and materials. He even renovated his own bathroom with vintage tiles and a handmade lamp crafted from wire. The kitchen seating nook was constructed from wood and adorned with kitschy antique signs.

This kind of artful repurposing has the power to inspire anyone. The next time you’re strolling down a city street, you may want to keep your eyes open – a treasure trove of endless possibilities awaits.


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