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Open a smart event management startup

Starting a low-cost business on the weekend is one of the easiest and most risk-free ways to dip your toe into the waters of entrepreneurship. It only takes your free time, a small investment in marketing materials and business supplies, and some hard work.

The special events industry has grown enormously in the past decade. According to recent research conducted by Dr. Joe Goldblatt, CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional), spending for special events worldwide is $500 billion annually. Goldblatt is the founder of International Special Events Society (ISES), the founding director of the Event Management Program at George Washington University, and co-author of The International Dictionary of Event Management. "Suffice it to say, the marketplace is large enough to support and sustain your endeavor," says Goldblatt. "If you're working in one special events area, there are many directions in which you can expand. If you're just entering the profession of spe…

How does GPS work?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a network of about 30 satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 20,000 km. The system was originally developed by the US government for military navigation but now anyone with a GPS device, be it a SatNav, mobile phone or handheld GPS unit, can receive the radio signals that the satellites broadcast.

Wherever you are on the planet, at least four GPS satellites are ‘visible’ at any time. Each one transmits information about its position and the current time at regular intervals. These signals, travelling at the speed of light, are intercepted by your GPS receiver, which calculates how far away each satellite is based on how long it took for the messages to arrive.

Once it has information on how far away at least three satellites are, your GPS receiver can pinpoint your location using a process called trilateration.
A GPS receiver must be locked on to the signal of at least 3 satellites to calculate a 2-D position (latitude and longitude) and …

AnkerBox lets your rent a power bank instead of carrying one........

Previously seen as heavy oddities and luxuries, power banks or portable battery packs have become essential life savers. While mobile devices become more powerful, batteries become less removable and less capable of catching up. But while battery packs offer emergency power, they have their drawbacks, like some added weight or yet another device you have to remember to charge before hand. AnkerBox wants to both remedy that while making a profit, by starting a charging-as-a-service business, offering battery packs and charging stations for rent or for purchase.

To some extent, it might sound like some of those charging stations some establishments are offering for a fee. While the base concept of paying for time to juice up your mobile is the same, the implementation is unique enough to warrant interest. What AnkerBox ultimately offers are, indeed, battery packs, which means you don’t have to be tethered to some box or charging pad. You can even take it with you if you wish. For a pri…

What will happen if India shuts down all trade with China.....?

During the recent meeting between both the prime ministers china has promised to help update India’s railway system, establish industrial parks in the Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, and open its markets to Indian products like pharmaceuticals and agricultural goods. 
China restricts Indian companies from entering many sectors, shows an institutionalized preference for its state-owned enterprises, and provides subsidies to its companies that some claim contravene international trade law. Even so, India’s preoccupation with its trade deficit with China is misguided.
India has blocked Chinese investments in sectors such as telecom, ports, and shipping due to security concerns, made it difficult for Chinese employees to obtain visas to work in India, and complained loudly and frequently about its trade deficit with China. Chinese imports to India were $48.44 billion in 2013, while Indian exports to China were only $17.03 billion.
Here are the reasons that Indians should not be f…

What is S Bike Mode and How to Use it

Samsung recently announced a new budget smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) and one of the new features announced with the phone is the S Bike Mode. S Bike Mode is an innovative feature for bikers. This feature basically turns off all the notifications on the device when the user is riding a bike. This is sort of do not disturb mode which can be enabled using NFC.

S Bike Mode makes sure that you are not disturbed with calls and notifications while riding the bike.

How to Activate S Bike Mode?  Samsung Galaxy J3 comes with NFC and there is a bundled NFC tag programmed to enable S Bike Mode. So you can paste the NFC sticker on the bike dashboard and tap the phone to enable S Bike Mode when you are going to ride the bike.
You can also enable it from the quick toggles in the phone notification centre.
How to Use S Bike Mode?  Once you have enabled this mode, you will see the display of the phone activated for this mode and you will not be able to use the phone for any other functions …

Urine turned into sustainable power source for electronic devices

Researchers at the University of Bath have developed an innovative miniature fuel cell that can generate electricity from urine, creating an affordable, renewable and carbon-neutral way of generating power.Awesome.......isn't it?

In the near future this device could provide a means of generating much needed electricity to remote areas at very little cost, each device costs just £2. With growing global pressures to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and the associated greenhouse gas emissions, microbial fuel cells could be an exciting alternative.

A microbial fuel cell is a device that uses natural biological processes of 'electric' bacteria to turn organic matter into electricity. These fuel cells are efficient and relatively cheap to run, and produce nearly zero waste.

In practice, urine will pass through the microbial fuel cell for the reaction to happen. From here, electricity is generated by the bacteria which can then be stored or used to directly power electrical devices…

A photographer upcycles street trash into home decor...........

Have you ever walked through any city and you're bound to stumble upon 'street trash.' Everything from boxes of discarded books, old toys,clothes to whole pieces of furniture and more things can be found curbside. It's not a green way to declutter - but many people scoop up these unwanted treasures and make good use of them. Tel Aviv-based photographer has been inspired by discarded street gems his whole life. The DIY-extraordinaire has furnished most of his apartment with upcycled items from city streets, and he shows us just how beautiful and functional 'trash' can be.

He always had an eye for upcycling, even before it was a trend. He told Inhabitat, “I travel a lot around the world, and since I was a child I was creative about making things from other things,” he said, “I would walk down the street and find things and think, ‘What can I do with this?’ It could be an abandoned tree limb, a box or even a book.”

Kaplan went to great lengths to improve his dwell…

Solar-Powered Piezoelectric Sports Stadium Breaks Ground in India........:)

India broke ground on a gorgeous solar-powered sports complex that will harvest piezoelectric energy from the crowds that enter its gates. Designed by Studio Symbiosis, the Athletic Ripple Project was commemorated by India's National Congress former President Dr. Manmohan sigh. The vast new complex emerges out of the natural landscape as an iconic structure that mimics the form of water droplets.

Each section, or ripple, contains a different sporting activity space. The “droplets” vary in size, design and purpose, but Studio Symbiosis unified each section by designing them to symbolize individual pebbles in a pond. The complex to emulates the ebb and flow of a swelling pond, and therefore gradates into the existing landscape rather than obstructing it.

The complex is a sort of “sports city” that was designed to minimize congestion — a pedestrian walkway will be constructed down the middle, and opposing roadways surround the perimeter. The walkway brings visitors closer to the actio…

Dual-microphone noise reduction technology working...........!

What is double Microphone noise reduction technology? Today we hear some mobile phone manufacturers mentioned "double Microphone noise reduction technology" at the press conference or phone functions, some people may wonder, in fact, very simple, is to use two microphones to reduce background noise when talking, here is detailed double Microphone noise reduction technology works.

Dual mic noise reduction technology works

"Anti-noise dual mic technology" means technical processing, it will eliminate outside noise, where the "technical process", that is, two built-in microphone. Main microphone pick up sound waves, a clear call to ensure the stability, the assisted microphone to eliminate noise. The phone even in noisy downtown, call quality is still clear.

How to achieve dual mic noise reduction?

The phone has the same A, B two performance condenser microphones, where A is the main microphone for picking up a voice call.B is the background sound pickup microp…

3D printed acoustic hologram.........!


3D-printed plastic blocks can now be turned into acoustic holograms that generate 3D shapes made of sound, which could function like sonic "tractor beams," according to a new study. This could lead to innovative ways to manipulate objects in midair without touching them, the researchers said.

This finding could also help scientists develop ultrasound therapies with sound fields sculpted to destroy unhealthy tissues in the body while leaving neighboring healthy cells intact, the researchers added.

Conventional holograms are a special kind of 2D photograph that, when lit up, essentially turn into windows onto 3D scenes. The pixels making up each hologram scatter light falling onto them in very specific ways, causing these light waves to interact with each other to generate an image with the illusion of depth.

The new acoustic holograms are plastic blocks with complex structures that scientists created using 3D printers. These printers form 3D structures by placing layers of m…