blinking a LED with raspberry pi

By:Prayag Nao

Today i am going to post how to blink a led with raspberry pi. Blinking a LED is a beginner task and simple task.

components required:
  • raspberry pi.
  • 2 Male to female connectors.
  • A 330 omh resistance.
  • A LED.

Here is pin diagram of Raspberry pi 2.

  1. Connect 11th pin to one end of resistance.
  2. connect ground pin to -ev pin of LED.
  3. Now connect remaining end of resistance to +ev of LED.
  4. Now turn on Raspberry pi.
  5. open text editor and paste following program into it.   
      import GPIO.RPi as GPIO            ##import GPIO library
      import time
      GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BOARD)    ##use board pin numbering
      GPIO.setup(11,GPIO.OUT)          ##set 11th pin as output pin

      while 1:
             GPIO.output(11,1)  ## Turn on led
             time.sleep(1)           ## 1 second delay
             GPIO.output(11,0)  ## Turn off led
     6.Save above program as
     7.Now run above program as root user and you will see blinking led.


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