Android USB Tethering to Connect a Raspberry Pi to the Internet...!

By: Prayag Nao

These days the easiest way to connect a PC or Raspberry Pi for that matter to the Internet via a smartphone is to use USB tethering.But in raspberry pi you can't do USB tethering directly,firstly you have to edit some information in raspberry pi.
so lets start........

  1. turn on your raspberry pi.if you don't have a HDMI display then read my old post How to connect raspberry pi to laptop display 
  2. Now go to terminal and type following command : sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces 
  3. that command will open network file.
  4. how edit network file,put these lines below line iface eth0 inet dhcp 
 iface usb0 inet dhcp
      5.Now save network file by pressing ctrl+o and press Enter.
      6.Now exit from network file by pressing ctrl+x. 
It's done now you can start USB tethering from your mobile device. 


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