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Robots Learning to Cook by Watching YouTube Videos......!!

In the hierarchy of things that I want robots to do for me, cooking dinner is right up there with doing the laundry and driving my car. And writing all my articles. For now, the best we can do is just watch progress being made toward getting all of these things to work reliably (and affordably). We’ve seen plenty of examples of robots that can cook, but generally, they’re all following some level of pre-programmed instructions. Telling robots what to do and how to do it is one of the trickiest things about robotics, especially for end users, so it’s a good thing we can all just sit back and let them learn things by watching videos on YouTube.
This project is taking place at the University of Maryland, and this video does a very good job of not really saying all that much over the course of 2 minutes.

The research we’re talking about here is from a paper titled, “Robot Learning Manipulation Action Plans by ‘Watching’ Unconstrained Videos from the World Wide Web.” The p…

Uber Opening Robotics Research Facility In Pittsburgh To Build Self-Driving Cars.!!

Driver-on-demand service Uber is building a robotics research lab in Pittsburgh, PA to “kickstart autonomous taxi fleet development,” sources close to the decision have confirmed to TechCrunch. They say the company has hired talent from Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute, including lead engineering and commercialization experts.
No one at Carnegie Mellon or Uber agreed to discuss the deal on the record but an announcement should be forthcoming.Update: Uber published a blog post today outlining its partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, confirming our reporting.
Sources tell us Uber is hiring more than fifty senior scientists from Carnegie Mellon as well as from the National Robotics Engineering Center, a CMU-affiliated research entity. Carnegie Mellon, home of the Mars Rover and other high-profile robotics projects, declined to comment at this time, as did scientists mentioned by our source. Uber has “cleaned out” the Robotics Institute, said the source.

How do ball style computer mouse works ?

By:Prayag Nao
A mouse is something you push along your desktop to make a cursor (pointing device) move on your screen. So what a mouse has to do is figure out how much you're moving your hand and in which direction. There are two main kinds of mice and they do this job in two different ways, either using a rolling rubber ball (in a ball-type mouse) or by bouncing a light off your desk (in an optical mouse). i am going to explain how does a ball type mouse work.If you want read working of optical mouse read my post on.How do optical mouse works ?

Inside a ball-style computer mouse

Traditional mice have a rubber ball inside them. Open one up and you can see the heavy ball clearly and the spring that keeps it in position.

Here's the inside of an old-style Logitech ball mouse:

Switch detects clicks of left mouse button.Switch for middle button.Switch for right button.Old-style connection to PS/2 socket on computer.Chip turns back-and-forth (analog) mouse movements into numeric (…