Turn your Desktop Top in 3D (win XP & 7) ?

By:Prayag Nao

If you are not keen on the cookie-cutter appearance of your Operating system or windows, i have covered some great tools for tweaking every last pixel of your desktop

so it looks and acts just how you want. These are all small things that can be changed to make the desktop experience more desirable, custom and geared to our own interests.


ShphereXP is world's number one 3-dimensional desktop for windows xp

images (136×103) 

Download SphereXP:Click Here


Virtual Desktop Manager featuring the Cube 3D Effect really awesome.

jpeg (120×90)

Download YODM3D:Click Here


Convert your desktop in 3D like android Phone.

images (251×201) 

Download Matodate: Click Here

Shock 4Way3D

Multi-windows and Mirror effect.

images (251×201) 

Download Shock 4Way3D: Click Here


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