How to play games on pc by your mobile touch or gyro-sensor ?

By:Prayag nao

We all play games on our mobiles daily,but Have you ever thinked about playing game on pc by your mobile touch screen or gyro-sensor.If yes then Monect is a best software for it.

Monect is a free app that allows you to control the PC over wi-fi or bluetooth,

Here are features:
• Remote Desktop – Touch window on your phone.
• Projector – share pictures, videos & screen of your phone on PC’s big screen.
• Fly mode – Play fly game such as Ace Combat with G-Sensor.
• PPT sync – you can see the ppt pictures and notes directly on your phone even play select & mark.
• RaceMode – Play PC driving game by your phone over wi-fi or bluetooth using G-Sensor!
• TouchPad – Simulate touch pad on your phone with many gestures supporting, just like Apple’s trackpad!
• My Computer – Exploring PC files on your phone!
• Joystick – Simulate joystick so you can play street fighter or dmc etc.
• FPS mode – Using gyroscope to aim the target just like a real gun in your hand, perfect support COD serial!
• Keyboards – Simulate typewriter keyboard, function keyboard, numeric keyboards…
• Text transfer – Type text on your phone and then transfer text to PC directly with one hit!
• Browser, Media Control- Easily control all kinds of web browser & media player!
• And many more…


4 types of game controller inside. Support FPS, RPG, FTG, FLY games perfectly especially when playing NFS, Dirt, COD, Street Fighter and Ace Combat. 


Simulate multi-touch pad, keyboard perfectly. Control the power point on your phone and see the content of the image even the note of it. 


Share multi media content like pictures & videos even the entire screen on your phone. Edit & download the files on the phone and vice versa.


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