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Call Forging: Call Forging is the trick by which you can spoof the identity of the caller and misguide the caller. That means one can call FROM any number TO any number. This thing is possible by a technique called voice over internet protocol (VOIP). There isn’t any number system in VOIP i.e. how it is possible to misuse open source technology.

SMS Forging: it is a technique usually used by hackers, wherein a PHP file is generated, connected to SMS gateways online and with the help of such gateways, Text Messages can be sent to people all over the world FROM any number TO any number.

There can be a misuse of this service in new services launches by Facebook and Twitter, Facebook via Text Message and Tweet SMS respectively, where you can make modifications by sending a text message from YOUR number to a number provided by the website. By entering Facebooks number (92FACEBOOK) in the TO field and entering the victims number in the FROM field, anybody can update a status, poke, send a message, tweet, etc. from an account who is registered on its Text Message service by just entering the victims number in the FROM field and by entering Facebooks number in the TO field.

  1. Go to and sign in there.
  2. now go to home where you can see a box make free trial calls,you can do 2 free call anywhere from any mobile no. to any mobile no. 

 click on that box you will see ...

4. Now fill any mobile or phone no.  in field of your mobile no. and fill any phone or mobile number     in Destination Phonenumber field,you can fill both field with same number and now click call now.

5. By filling same mobile no. you can make  fool anyone that he is calling himself he he he so funny.i make fool my  friends     by    this trick.

Warning: it's only for educational purpose,never use this for illegal purpose.

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