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How to Change or Customize Windows 7 Boot Screen

By:Prayag nao

Hello frnds today i going to tell you"How to Change or Customize Windows 7 Boot Screen Using Windows 7 Boot Updater".
Since when Microsoft released Windows 7, no one was able to change the boot screen as it requires lots of files and certificates customization.
But now Jeff Bush @ "Coder for life" website has developed an excellent tool which can customize Windows 7 boot screen.
"Windows 7 Boot Updater" is a program that makes it easy to update the Windows 7 boot animation and text. It is written in C++/CLI and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and the Microsoft WIM library.

Features of Boot Loader :
  • Modifies boot animation.
  • Modifies boot text"Starting Windows" and "@Microsoft Corporation".
  • compile the animation from 105 BMP, PNG, GIF, or TIFF images.
  • Does not require any other applications (like ImageX).
  • Automatically backs up the modified files
  • Works for all versions of Windows 7: any language, any edition, 32-bit or 64-bit.

 How to use:

  • Download the boot loader and install it.
2.34 MB

  •  You can change the text messages, remove them completely, change their color. You can also replace animation.
  • If you want to change the animation you will have to make an animation! The animation is:
    • 105 frames (if there are less frames the last frame will be repeated as necessary)
    • Each frame is 200x200px (resized if necessary)
    • 15 frames / sec
    • First 4 seconds play once then the last 3 seconds play in a loop.


If you get stuck forever in Windows Recovery Environment then you need to manually restore winload.exe. Here are the directions:
1. Once you enter Windows Recovery Environment press "Cancel" right away..
2. Click "Yes" on the warning that pops up.
3. Click "View advanced options for system recovery and support".
4. Select your keyboard types and click "Next".
5. Select an account (not "HomeGroupUser$") and enter password and click "OK".
6. Click "Command Prompt" (the last option) and enter following commands:
cd \Windows\System32
del winload.exe
ren "winload~1.exe" winload.exe
PS: Here C: in first line represents the system drive where Windows 7 is installed in your system. If you have installed Windows in any other partition like D: drive, then change the command to D:
7. Click "Restart" and you'll be able to boot into Windows again.


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