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How to behave professionally ?

By :Prayag Nao

Behaving professionally at your work place or in business is very important bcz it's put impression on someone at first meet.You must also act appropriately for the circumstances. Behaving in a professional manner is a talent that can make your life a success.

These are top tip for improving your personalty:

Watch your personality     

the first thing that a stranger see is your personality,not only your good looks but also your body language , your talking sense etc. so always have a positive personality that every professional seeks for.
If you have poor personality,you can join any personality development program at your local place or you can join any online program.

Don't show off too much

Don't tell peoples that how you solve any problem or how you survived in a plane crash without any food and water.It's good to boast a little with only your friends or family but not at work place.If you boast too much people will ignore what are you going to say.You  must not be self centered person,but let other people express their views.


Don't talk about you and your life only. Let other tell you about themselves, and listen to them. It's a very good and professional habit to show interest in what they're saying. Never ignore them while they're speaking either.
  • It is not a good idea to interrupt the person who is speaking because one may get irritated. Realize the input you would like to make, and find the right time to do so.
  • However, if you disturb the person that you're listening to, while they're speaking -- hopefully, this person will want to keep the conversation interactive, but remember, don't go off the topic when disturbing their presentation or point of view.

Dress up professionally

As it's name shows wear the cloths in which you are comfortable with.Don't wear too much colorful dress

  •  It is also a very good idea to make your own signature style regarding dress. For example, Steve Jobs wore his turtle neck, Levis jeans and white shoes in each and every keynote and public appearances.

 Have simple hair styles

 Make your style professional looking, wearing deodorant, cologne, perfume, etc. Make sure that your appearance does not reflect immaturity.

Don't have like this 

learn to behave professionally

Look directly in the eye of person who is talking to you,never make weird faces and don't stare too much.If you are talking to group of people than make direct contact with eyes to every person.I watched many people when they talk to a group they make eye contact with first 2-3 rows,don't do this big mistake bcz it will decrease participation of people in conversion.

Talk less, but talk with sense

 Don't talk too much with people unless it's about sharing valuable ideas with the other people. Be sure to talk with logical, good sense. People should think that you are talkative, but in a good way. 

Accessorize yourself with some of the latest gadgets in the world

You must be updated with the latest world of fashion and technology and learn to walk with the modern times. Always accessorize yourself professionally.

Don't ignore others & respect other's

 If someone asks for a necessary help, then please help them, but if a person shows up with a task which he/she can easily do but is too lazy to do it, then advise the person to "Do it for yourself." 

Be it rich or poor, a CEO or regular staff, your grandpa or the garbage collector, you must respect everybody that you encounter. You must respect all jobs and talk to everybody with equal respect. Slowly, when people start noticing this trait, you'll be respected.

Learn to keep a promise

If you've ever given a promise to somebody, then make sure you keep it. Doing this will make the person think that you are reliable and honest, a trait which will boost your professionalism.If you are not able to complete that promise , try to not make such type of promises next time.   

 Try to be punctual, not too nonchalant

Time should mean a lot to you. Always be on time for meetings, whether it is with your friends or your clients. Your punctuality will be remembered by other people, as being late drastically lowers the respect that other people have for you.

Don't get overly emotional, proud, hurt or angry 

Even it's a funeral, or your friend's Nobel acceptance speech, keep things simple and go for a firm handshake to congratulate each. Stay silent at funerals with no obvious tears in the eye; otherwise people may think that you are way too emotional to act professionally in all circumstances.

If you have any query please comment below.........

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