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How does a handpump work ?

The most common tool to access a life source like water — this innovation boasts of none of the accolades that modern machines enjoy. Yet the simplicity and efficiency of design drives a sea of devices that permeate our lives at home and in industries.

The unsung hero that India should be particularly proud of is called India Mark II. A human-powered pump designed to lift water from a depth of 50 m or less, it is the world’s most widely used water hand pump. It was designed in 1970 through the joint efforts of the government of India, UNICEF and WHO. Its purpose was to address the deathly problem of paucity of water and draught in rural areas of developing nations. By the mid 1990s, five million of the pumps had been manufactured and installed around the world.

Hand Pump Parts: HandlePump rodwater outletPistonPiston valveFoot valveRising mainSuction lift
What does it do?

Simply defined, hand pumps are manually operated pumps that use human power and mechanical advantage to move fluids o…
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How to become Anonymous ? | First Step Of Hacking | UNDETECTABLE

Today we are going to tell you about how to become anonymous online.There are many reasons to be anonymous (i.e. you do not want to trace by your govt. or if you are doing hacking etc). I am giving three reasons to be anonymous

So let's begin

You have to download any VPN software on your computer.VPN software will create a layer of security where you will be very hard to detect.


Install VPN on your computer

Now open VPN and click on start free trial.

Now a window will open

now click on offline icon

it will take some time and you will be connected. Now to can minimize it.

Now download tor browser. If you don't know what is Tor browser you can read here

Install Tor on PC and open it...

now this window will open (Warning: don't resize the window of Tor)

Yeah ! you have done you are completely anonymous now......

How to Fix or Repair a Pen Drive or SD card Thats Not Recognized

Every computer user has faced this problem. What I speak of, is the tragedy of the corrupted USB Pen drive or SD Card. No matter what you do, at some point, your computer simply refuses to read your USB drive. Fortunately, there are ways to rectify this with one only needing to use a command prompt in PC.

Step 1:
Connect the corrupted drive to your machine.

Step 2: Open the command prompt either by typing cmd in the Start menu search bar or by hitting Windows Key + R  followed by typing cmd in the dialog box that pops up.

Step 3:

In the command prompt, enter the following commands.
Type diskpart and press Enter.
Next type list disk and press Enter.

Step 4:

Then type select disk followed by the number of your disk and hit enter.

Step 5:

After the disk is selected, you will need to type clean into the command prompt and hit enter.

Step 6:

Next command is creates partition primary.

Step 7:

Type active and hit enter followed by select partition 1.

Step 8:

In the last step, type forma…

How to Bypass Android's Lock Screen Pattern, PIN or Password If Forgot....!

Today we are going to tell a trick about android mobile by using this you can unlock mobile without knowing password or pattern lock.
The main moto of a password is to keep hidden all the data from your friends or relatives. Another moto is to keep safe your data from being stolen when it get stolen.It is very often when we change phone password or our friends play prank with us by changing password, In this situation many people go to experts where they charge you some money. But do you know that we can unlock our mobile at home for free. Let's start.........

You just need to use an external software called Dr.Fone Toolkit – Android Lock Screen Removal. If you are using this software, then it should not take you more than 5 minutes to unlock your phone.   

Download Android Lock Screen Removal software on your computer, then install the software in your computer.

Click Here For download (For Windows)

Cliack Here For Download (For MAC)

Connect your phone with yo…

Recover deleted photos on Android...!

It is very irritating when we are deleting useless data from our phone but by mistake we delete some important is very shocking event but don't worry we have a method from which we can recover deleted data.For this purpose  we have to use a third party software called Dr.Fone. So lets begin...

Download  Dr.Fone for Android by Wondershare  from its website on to your computer.

 Install and launch that software on you PC. You will see give screen below....

In you mobile turn on developer setting and turn on USB debugging.

Now connect your phone to PC and wait from a minute

Now allow PC to install app through USB....

Now follow the instruction.....

Now just click on recover, Your mobile will boot up and you will see all deleted data in your phone. If you've made it this far you've hopefully learned a valuable lesson and will make regular copies of your smartphone photos from now on.

How to undo a sent email in Gmail..?

Some times when we write an email but by some mistake emails get send without our intention. But do you know that we can undo sent emails let's begin...

login to gmail and go to settings and open it...

Step-2: Go to general tab and Click on Enable Undo Send
Now set cancellation period

now send any email you should get Undo option for you sent Email.

Yeah! you have all done......
Don't forget to follow and share..........

What is deep web and how to access it ?

Toady we will talk about deep web.Most of you may not aware of deep web but you will end up wondering that thing like google, gmail, play store etc are part of surface web(Internet or web is divided into 2 parts first is surface web and 2nd is deep web) surface web is accessible by normal browser like firefox, safari but deep web is not accessible by these browser. so how to access deep web don't worry we will tell you so let's begin.....

What Is the Deep Web? The terms deep web and dark web are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Deep web simply refers to anything on the web that can’t be found using a search engine.

It is not known how large the deep web is, but estimates from researchers suggest it is likely to constitute the majority of all online contents.

What Is the Dark Web? The dark web is part of deep web but not the same as the deep cannot find it through a search engine, you cannot access it through a regular web browser either. …